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Sulfated Glycopolymer Thin Films

Sulfated glycopolymer thin films -
Preparation, Characterization and Biological Activity

Grombe R., Gouzy M.F., Maitz M.F., Freundenberg U., Zschoche S., Simon F., Pompe T., Sperling C., Werner C.

The impact of heparinoid characteristics on model surfaces obtained from immobilization of either sole sulfate groups, sulfated glycosides, sulfated cellulose and definite heparin was investigated. The obtained layers were physico-chemically characterized regarding film thickness, chemical composition, wettability and surface morphology. The antithrombin adsorption, studied by fuorescence labelling, revealed a strong dependence on the presence of glycosidic structures and on the molecular weight of the grafted saccharide. In contact with whole blood, the coatings resulted in a diminished plasmatic and cellular coagulation in vitro, which did not reflect well the antithrombin binding. Therefore, more complex activating pathways are discussed.

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