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Silicon Ion-Implanted Nickel

Enhancement in redox and electrocatalytic activity observed on Si ion-implanted Ni.

Pham M.T., Maitz M.F., Richter E., Reuther H., Muecklich A., Prokert F.

J Mater Res 19(2): 616-622 (2004).

Ni was surface-alloyed with Si by ion implantation. The material was examined for its redox and electrocatalytic behavior in NaOH by cyclic voltammetry. The surface was characterized by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, x-ray and electron diffraction, and electron and atomic force microscopy. The ion implantation enhanced activity toward the redox conversion of Ni(OH)2 <-> NiOOH and the anodic oxidation of glucose reached about 3.5 times and about 2.8 times, respectively. The material is an amorphous mixed oxide of Ni and Si. The effect is discussed considering the true surface area and the generation of active surface sites in relation to the oxygen evolution.

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