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Blood Compatibility Study of Chromium Oxide

Poperenko L.V., Maitz M.F., Vinnichenko M.V. Blood compatibility study of chromium oxide films deposited on stainless steel surfaces by magnetron sputtering. Functional Materials 10(3): 447-453 (2003).

It is proposed to deposit different thickness films of CrOx onto polished stainless steel substrates by magnetron sputtering technique at different oxygen pressures and the applied bias voltages at the substrates for their use as a human blood compatible system. Ex situ spectral ellipsometry and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy were used to characterize the film optical properties and stoichiometry, respectively. The film surface roughness was determines by atomic force microscopy and taken into account when interpreting the ellipsometric data in Jellison approach. The improved corrosion resistance fo these films was proven by potentiodynamic measurements. The different thickness CrOx films were tested in vitro on the blood compatibility. The samples prepared under the highest oxygen flow had shown the lowest thrombocyte adhesion which did not exceed that of uncoated stainless steel. There is a correlation between the CrOx film thickness and platelet adhesion: the thicker the film the lower the adhesion.

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