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Electrochemical Behavior of NiTi

Electrochemical behaviour of bimetallic Ni-Ti surface generated by ion implantation

Pham M.T., Maitz M.F., Richter E., Reuther H., Prokert F., Mücklich A.

J Mater Res 19: 439-446 (2004).

Thin films Ni-Ti (<100 nm) having surface Ni content below 5at. % were prepared by ion-implanting Ni into Ti surfaces. The Ni-containing phase exposed or buried within the Ti matrix was amorphous. Following an anodic oxidation in NaOH, the material was shown to be redox active and to promote the electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose depending on the surface Ni-Ti composition. Compared to the Ni-Ti bulk alloy (55.9:44.08), the Ni-implanted Ti displayed a more efficient catalytic activity and improved corrosion resistance.

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