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Crosslinked Polyurethaneurea

Romanova V., Begishev V., Karmanov V., Kondyurin A., Maitz M.F. Fourier transform Raman and Fourier transform infrared spectra of crosslinked polyurethaneurea films synthesised from solutions. J Raman Spectr 33(10): 769-777 (2002).

The crosslinked polyurethaneurea films based on polyoxitetramethylenglycol and polyoxipropyleneglycol with toluenediisocyanate and 3,3'-dichlor,4,4'-diamine- diphenylmethane were synthesised in a solution where the solvent evaporates during the polymerisation. FT-Raman and FTIR spectra were analysed and intermolecular force constants of hydrogen bonds were calculated. On the base of intensity of the Raman and IR line of spectra which reflects hydrogen bond formation, the optimal structure of hydrogen bonds and the conformations of macromolecules of polyurethaneurea were observed for the solvent ethylacetate.

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