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Curriculum Vitae

Manfred Maitz

Curriculum Vitae of Manfred Maitz

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born in Munich, Germany


High School Degree Gymnasium Bad Aibling


Study of Human Medicine Regensburg and Würzburg


Allowance to work as physician


Defence of the medical doctorate thesis (Dr. med.) on the topic “Anwendung von Chemilumineszenz zur Bestimmung der Granulozytenaktivität und Erprobung der Methodik als Biokompatibilitätstest” (“Use of Chemiluminescence to Determine the Activity of Granulocytes and Evaluation of the Method for Biocompatibility Testing”) at the research group of Prof. E. Gabriel in the department of Experimental Surgery of the University Würzburg


Research fellow at the department for Experimental Surgery of the University Hospital Würzburg in the research project “Cryopreservation of Red Blood Cells with the cryoadditive hydroxyethylstarch” (Prof. H.A. Henrich). Especially working on the topics:

  • Changes of the membrane skeleton proteins of erythrocytes as result of the freeze-thaw process
  • Oxidative damage in red blood cells

Supervision of several medical students at their doctoral theses.

In parallel (from 1998 exclusively) collaboration in the EC-project “Evaluation of in vitro test methods to characterise bone implant materials with special emphasis on biocompatibility and long-term functionality” (Prof. E. Gabriel). The topic was the evaluation of granulocyte activation at bioactive glasses.


Post-Doc in the Department Biomaterials of the Central Institute of Biomedical Technique of the University Ulm (Prof. R.P. Franke). Work in the EC project “Materials in Medicine” (MatMed)


Resident at the Institute of Pathology of the University Magdeburg (Prof. A. Roessner)


Programming of the Database for MatMed at the FDS Dresden

March 2000-
Nov. 2004

Research Fellow at the Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, Institute for Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research

  • Setup of a biochemical and cell biological Laboratory
  • Responsible for the thematic field biocompatible materials

Nov. 2004 -
Nov. 2005

“Foreign Expert” scientist at the Institute of Biomaterials and Surface Engineering, Southwest Jioatong University, Chengdu, China (Head Prof. HUANG Nan)

  • Further setup of the biochemical and cell biological laboratory and responsibility for the related research field

(visit my china-site for private photos and reports of this stay)

since 01/2006

Research Fellow at the department Biocompatible Materials of the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden (Head Dr. C. Werner)

Membership in Academic Societies

Publications and Conference Contributions

Publications in Scientific Journals, Contributions on International Conferences, and Patents.

Genealogic data

The family tree can be found on the homepage of the parents Franz and Anita Maitz (Scherer).

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